The Atlas Group
The Atlas Group

We're creating a place for women in tech to connect on all things job search

Community for women, non-binary and trans* tech professionals.

About Us

Founded by two sisters who, after working in recruitment for a combined 22 years, wanted to focus on helping women navigate the interview process and chip away at gender gap in tech. 

Although we are based out of Los Angeles and Philadelphia, we connect nationally.  

We are passionate about lifting women up, sharing our recruitment secrets to better equip women with the tools to thrive in all stages of a job search process, diversifying tech teams around the world, and connecting women with job opportunities that will help level up their careers.

We believe that community is important.  With the global pandemic in full swing, we know that it is taking some people longer to find work.  And we know first hand how the interview process can be daunting, and bring up all the insecurities, confronting not feeling good enough, not heard and not seen.  We created this community so that you can know that you're not alone and that others are going through a similar process in finding a job.  We want this to be a place where others share their tips, wins and struggles and the community helps one another.  

***Black lives matter. If you disagree in any way with that statement, this group is not for you. 

Why You Should Join Us

  • Post questions, ask for advice, network, and get support from other professional women in the same industry as you. 

  • Meet others like you, who are also in the job search process. 

  • Get access to job postings with companies who want to hire you.

  • Make better, more well-informed decisions throughout your job search process. 

  • Get access to our job search courses created for job seekers, by recruiters.

  • Swap stories, experiences, and ideas around our shared mission.

  • Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective. 

  • Give back by sharing your network or helpful resources for women that have helped you.

  • It's free!

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