The Atlas Group
The Atlas Group

A job search course to ensure everyone can thrive

A powerful real-time workshop created for professionals who are looking to land their next role

Why You Should Join Us

We know the hiring system. We focus on the strategies, structure and tools that will help you through the job search, interview process, and landing the job you want.  

`What you get:

  • Job Search Strategy

  • Branding

  • Interview Preparation

  • Mock Interview

  • Post Interview

  • Bonus: Meditation & Mental Health guidance

You’ll have access to over 25 courses, bonus material, live Q&As, and a TON of practice and others offering generous feedback. You'll also...

  • Meet others like you, who are also in the job search process.
  • Learn how to make better, more well-informed decisions throughout your job search process.
  • Look at your job search behavior (including interviewing) that you wouldn't necessarily do on your own and get helpful feedback.
  • Kick start motivation with others who are going though the same things as you.
  • Become a better prepared candidate.
  • Have access to a community you can ask questions and get feedback on mock interviews and resume.
  • Feeling supported in the moment.
  • An opportunity to reflect and define your purpose and mission.
  • Learn and practice how to answer behavioral interview questions.


What people are saying...


I highly recommend this course to anyone in the job market, or who's looking to enter it soon. Not only is a great way to connect with other people who are going though the same (often frustrating) situation as you, but having expert recruiters available to talk you through your doubts and figure out how to best approach opportunities that come up is a major asset.The four weeks were intense but I came out of it with a clearer idea on how to focus my job search, a new and improved resume, knowledge and tools for negotiating, and a renewed sense of energy to continue my search.Thank you to Adrienne and Loreen for facilitating a great course, and to all the other women who made it a community! - Carrie


Ultimate Job Search Readiness Intensive was exactly what I needed to help me refresh, expand, and update skills and materials to search for a job in these challenging times. The personalized coaching, the rich materials with links for more in-depth sources, the sense of community with the other participants, were all helpful in feeling well-trained and supported through this process. I feel much more confident and ready for this work now! Thank you Loreen and Adrienne for all the work put into this course, and your dedication to each participant.  - Alexi

This was an amazing course that I have ever taken!! I wish what I learned from Adrienne and Loreen was taught at school or university. Through this course I gained life skills such as how to define my career path, my mission, defining my story, resume writing and negotiate a salary.Thank you so much ladies!! You are promoting an amazing mission by educating us how to be confident and strategic in our career paths. - Parvina

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